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A reflection on the 2023 Africa Media Festival

Malala Lutta's reflection vlog on her participation in the 2023 Africa Media Festival

By Lutta Malala, Feminists in Kenya

Lutta Malala works with Feminists in Kenya (FIK). FIK is a grantee partner under the Innovate and Learn Grant currently implementing a project titled ‘God Loves LGBTIQ’ under the Faith, Feminism and Freedom series. The project touches on the multiple ways in which religion has been used to malign and exclude the lived realities of LGBTI people hence causing stigma, rejection, discrimination, bullying, fear, loneliness and violence. The project seeks to create a digital resource hub; a visual articulation of feminism and religion to advance solidarity with the LGBTI community as they navigate being religious and queer.

Lutta participated in the 1st edition of the Africa Media Festival on 14th and 15th of February 2023. She attended sessions that touched on gender, representation of minority issues in the media, how the media propagates and biasly reports minority issues, among others. Below is a video of Lutta sharing her experiences and reflections from the two-day festival.



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