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A sit-in for standing up for inclusion in Mali!

On Tuesday 12 June 2018, the Fédération Malienne des Associations des Personnes Handicapées (FEMAPH) organised a protest in front of  the Ministry of Labour and Civil Services in Mali.

In 2011, the government of Mali committed to integrate 70 graduates with disabilities annually into the civil service, but thus far they have never met this standard.  FEMAPH has already undertaken several approaches to demand for its compliance through information requests, awareness-raising and direct lobby and advocacy. Despite this, after struggling for 7 years, nothing changed. FEMAPH decided that their voices needed to be heard and seen and took to the streets.

The protest is part of the implementation activities of FEMAPH to improve access to social services and citizen participation in Mali (Paaph), funded by Voice.


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