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Youth with Down Syndrome Takes it Away!

A wonderful celebration took place in Jakarta, Indonesia on November 22, 2019, as YAPESDI held its second year anniversary and celebrated the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. With the theme “Opening Space for Youth with Intellectual Disabilities to Express Themselves through Art and Culture”, different groups and representatives of youth with Down Syndrome showed their amazing talents from singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, and more! It also became an avenue for people to engage in discussions about the community, their experiences, struggles, strengths, and dreams. Below is a snippet of the event, full of energy and confidence!

What a way to beat that stigma about people with Down Syndrome. Cheers to our Youth with Down Syndrome and to the many more wonderful things they are about to do!

Post note: YAPESDI is a two-time Empowerment Grantee of Voice Indonesia, having just finished the second phase of their project Let’s Speak Up. From the success of the first phase, the project continued to sharpen teens with Down Syndrome with the ability to speak up and let their confidence flourish.

More of the event in pictures below

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