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Update 5 August 2018

Due to overwhelming interest in Uganda Empowerment grants (V-1742-UG-EM), for which Voice is grateful, we have only been able to review the proposals we received as part of the first review cycle (until October 17 2017) and have contracted the first seven grantees in May 2018.  You can view the latter via the Uganda country page. The proposals received as part of the second cycle (between October 17 and March 15 2018) will be reviewed before the end of September 2018. Our sincere apologies for this delay.

We know that you have contacted us in huge numbers which is understandable. But unfortunately, due to limited human resources, we cannot respond to each and every individual E-mail even with the best intentions. Instead we strongly encourage you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@voicetweetz) and read our Frequently Asked Questions page where most of your questions and concerns are addressed. Also please sign up to our VoiceMail, the monthly newsletter via our homepage.  This way you will get all the news you will need.

Before we launch any new Calls for Proposals we will address the backlog first. In addition we still have two open Calls for Proposals: Call for Policy Action Influencing Grant (V-1880-UG-IF), deadline August 10  and Innovate and Learn Grant  (V-1852-UG-IL) with a deadline of September 1 2018.

Good luck and once again apologies.

Voice Team in Uganda





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