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Report it! Stop it!

By Njeri Mathenge, Communications officer, Flone Initiative, Kenya

Report it! Stop it! is a crowd-mapping platform where survivors of sexual harassment and assault speak out and map out their ordeals in public spaces, in order to seek redress and support. This platform is an adaptation of the Flone Initiative and their partners in Kenya seeking to create a safe space within the public transport sector. Flone Initiative is an empowerment grantee with Voice in Kenya.

As part of the Voice-funded project, one of their key objectives is to strengthen the capacity of 30 stakeholders in the transport sector to mainstream gender in their policies and operations. While not directly funded by Voice, the need for the platform arose from a key recommendation by stakeholders on the lack of data on sexual harassment cases and the need to have more women in the sector. Both are also documented in the Gender Sensitive Toolkit. The platform serves as a guide to stakeholders in being more accountable and inclusive in terms of gender mainstreaming their operations.

So far, the crowd-mapping platform has over +300 incidents that have been reported in public spaces; in particular, spaces associated with public transport. Reports made on this platform allow city authorities, civil societies, and local governments to gain deeper insights and improve situational awareness of the issue. The platform users can identify hotspots where harassment and violence are rampant, and might therefore not be safe.

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