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#ReformasiDikorupsi: Uphold the rights of Indonesian Civil Society!

A statement of solidarity

After more than two decades of reforming Indonesia’s criminal code, a parliamentary task force has finalised a draft criminal code containing proposed changes that vehemently endangers people’s rights. It contains provisions that trample free speech, freedom of association and potentially discriminate non-Sunni Muslims, non-Muslims, and local religious communities, among others. The problematic articles may potentially limit the role of civil society. Legitimate critiques of and dissent on government policies will be criminalised as “insults” to the president and vice president while promoting censorship for basic rights and services such as access to contraception.

Anchored in the value of leaving no one behind, Voice stands with Indonesian civil society as they call for a government response that does not dehumanise and silence them. We are against all forms of violence that have been and are being continuously exhibited to citizens who uphold their freedom to express their opinion about the draft bill. This is a clear violation of human rights and should be stopped and responded to via due process.

Voice as a programme aims to amplify the demands of civil society towards empowerment and inclusion in narrowing civic spaces. We express our solidarity with the people of Indonesia, whose rights and liberties are poised to be obstructed as they demand for protection, justice, transparency, and dialogue from and with its government.

Below is a joint statement from the Civil Society for Inclusion Movement, composed of individuals and organisations affiliated with Voice Indonesia.

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