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Ambassadors of Change! Stories from the Samburu Women’s Trust, Kenya

Samburu Women’s Trust, a Voice grantee from Kenya, is working on a project called Usawa Dada to address deep-rooted retrogressive cultural practices like early forced marriages, female genital mutilation, girl child beading, and spousal beatings which persist despite recent constitutional, administrative, policy and legislative advancement for the promotion and protection of the rights of women and girls in Kenya,  Started in August 2017, the Influencing grant has impacted positively on grassroots women and boosted their girls’ confidence and gave them a platform to speak boldly against harmful cultural practices which has continued denying them dignity.

As part of their project, they are working with local Ambassadors of Change, positive rolemodels from all walks of life, ranging from Letooiye, the moran warrier, to an ex-cutter Kongoma who has become an anti-FGM warrior, to a survivor from early marriage, Teresa.

Read their moving, inspirational stories through this publication called Ambassadors of Change.


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