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And Then Suddenly; Rising Voice(s)

Episode 5 of Rising Voice(s)

Voice is happy to continue its partnership with  And Then Suddenly Podcast  a NY-based show developed by writer and podcaster Angela Santillo where people share moments that turned their lives upside down!

Between September and December 2019  And Then Suddenly  features conversations with partners from Voice based in Africa or Asia. The featured individuals -leaders of organizations or informal groups- work tirelessly to ensure that their own voices, as well as those they represent, are at the table and not on the menu! The moments they share are their very own and the conversations are impromptu and candid.

Podcaster Angela Santillo only asks one question to kick off the conversation:  What’s a moment that turned your life upside down?  Never knowing what her guests will say, the conversation takes twists and turns that go beyond our ordinary stories about big life moments. Impromptu, funny, and always honest, this show explores what really happens after everything changes in an instant.

5.Maureen Ava Mata on finding power in disability in the Philippines

Maureen was eighteen when she was diagnosed with bone cancer and had her leg amputated. Her new life changed her outlook, her family, and the views of her community. As a cancer survivor she talks about her mission to challenge misperceptions and advocates for fellow disabled persons in the Philippines.


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