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Akom Nya


Programme Coordinator, Voice in Nigeria, Oxfam Nigeria



Akom, a passionate advocate for human rights and gender equality in Nigeria, boasts over ten years of experience combating systemic social barriers that contribute to violence against women and sexual minorities. He employs effective solutions and leverages social and behaviour change communication to enhance knowledge, attitudes and practices related to sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), aiming to promote equality and inclusion. As a dedicated young leader for the Sustainable Development Goals, Akom is committed to fostering systemic change.


Akom actively contributes to this change by offering capacity-building support for violence and discrimination prevention and intervention initiatives. He collaborates with both government and non-government institutions, providing crucial support for policy advocacy aimed at urging the Nigerian Government to enact gender-centered and non-discriminatory laws. Akom’s passion lies in policy advocacy, championing equality, diversity and inclusion, and he seamlessly navigates the intersectionality of programming, advocacy and human rights. Akom holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a Certificate in Strategic Litigation from the University of Pretoria, South Africa.


In recognition of his impactful work, Akom received the title of a 2020 ISIBINDI Change-Maker from the Gateway Health Institute in South Africa and was honoured as the 2021 Activist of The Year by the Sanitise Africa Initiative in Kenya. Outside of his professional endeavours, Akom finds joy in cooking, crafting cocktails and spending quality time with loved ones.

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