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How good is your French?C’est quoi votre niveau d’ anglais?

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For all its global communication channels Voice uses two languages; English and French. We promote inclusion and diversity in 10 countries through small country teams based at either Oxfam or Hivos country offices. In Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines and Indonesia we have adopted English as the main language while for Mali and Niger French is the key language. This means that most of the information featured on the website and sometimes social media must be shared in both languages. The aim is to translate as much information as possible which is no easy feat with close to 300 projects we support.

Information to be translated on a regular basis includes grantee profiles, Calls for Proposals, proposal and reporting templates, stories, blogs, monthly newsletter (called VoiceMail), annual reports, publications, etc. Apart from the annual report and the VoiceMail, the translation should take no more than 7 working days.

Voice is urgently seeking a creative, inclusive, attention-oriented translation team who can provide professional translation services both English-French and French-English. The translation team will work closely with the Communications hub based at Hivos East Africa office in Nairobi as well as the Programme Manager based in the Oxfam office in the Hague.


The translation team should:

  1. Have at least five years of experience in English to French and French to English translation.
  2. Have good knowledge of written and spoken English and French.
  3. Be creative in their translation approach; catchiness is key!
  4. Be based in Africa –preferably West Africa (Mali and Niger have our preference).
  5. Be working as a team that is capable of working on translation together.
  6. Have knowledge on inclusion and diversity and is open to the work of Voice with all five rightsholders groups.
  7. Be discrete and confidential when needed.
  8. Have knowledge of Microsoft office.


The consultant shall be receiving information from the Voice Amplifier on a regular basis including but not limited to the monthly VoiceMail, as well as the Voice annual report that is done once per year. We have developed translation guidelines which will guide the process of translation.

If the assignment interests you, we encourage you to explore www.voice.global further as well as read the full Terms of Reference (TOR) for this opportunity.

Submit your applications including references as well as copies or links of work done previously to the attention of the Voice Programme Manager; Marinke Van Riet at hello@voice.global by 22 September, 2019

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