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The poet and the musician

Two young people -part of the Women & Girls Advancement Resource Centre (WAG-ARC), an Innovate and Learn grantee in Nigeria- tell us about their forms of art as creative skills.

My name is Sylvia Tochi Maduka. I am an undergraduate student of English at the University of Abuja. I am a spoken word artist and poet. This means that I not only write but perform poetry. I enjoy doing spoken word because it is a beautiful way of expression, un-limiting and rewarding. I volunteer at the Women & Girls Advancement Resource Centre (WAG-ARC) and I have used my skill to continuously advocate for women and girls rights, youth engagement and social change. I believe this platform has provided great opportunities for my art.

Silvyia Tochi

The pandemic has caused a lot of heartaches for the world and as such, I use my poetry as a means of encouragement and therapy. COVID 19 has shown me how much hope I can bring with my art.

I am Victor Chinonso Agbo, mostly known as Victor Agbo, a recording artist who enjoys making music and movies. Music is my life. I love what I do because it makes me feel happy and fulfilled. I believe that through my art, I can contribute towards making the world a better place.

I am a volunteer in WAG-ARC and have been contributing to the activities carried out online since the coronavirus outbreak. I have also been part of a couple of training organized by WAG-ARC which have helped greatly in his self-development.

Victor Agbo singing

In this video, I am singing about the pandemic, encouraging people to have faith and hoping that everything will be alright.

There is going to be an increase in music streaming, and I hope my fan base will grow big enough to generate steady substantial income, through streaming.

Compilation by Emmanuel Oladele, Project Associate, Co-Creation Hub Nigeria

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