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Consultancy: Hope-Based Communications

5 Days in February-March

2020 is an important year for Voice! It is a year in which we transition from the final full year of the first phase into the preparation of the extension phase (2021-2024). It is a year in which the majority of our three-year multi-country influencing grants are coming to an end. It is a year where our amplification efforts take full shape. And finally it is +5 years since the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals including the Leave No One Behind agenda – a great moment for reflection.

An important change for 2020 is that Voice will start to incorporate a hope-based narrative. In line with the Mid Term Review’s recommendations and internal reflections, we will no longer present Voice as a fund for marginalisation and discrimination but rather a fund for diversity and inclusion. Target groups are becoming rightsholder groups to indicate the innate and legitimate claim people can make to demand their roles and rights for an inclusive society. And our application and reporting forms will embrace a solution- and/or hope-based approach to develop what we do want and dream of, rather than reacting to what we don’t.


Through this Terms of Reference, Voice aims to contract a specialist who can support the Voice team to increase the hope-based, positive communication on the Voice website, social media as well as through its forms and additional memo’s, manuals and guidelines. We are specifically looking at the key Voice narrative for the homepage on our website and beyond, our application and reporting forms and some basic guidelines for the country teams and grantees for writing a hope-based narrative.

Consultancy Details

The consultancy is to take place over five days between February and March 2020. The consultant will work closely with the Voice team. The Programme Manager and the Communications Hub, and a small sounding board representing the different regions, will be the direct contact persons for the consultant.

The Consultancy will include:

  • A pre- and post-consultancy conversation with the Voice team contact persons
  • Desk review of existing materials such as the proposed home-page, application and reporting templates and extension proposal
  • The elaboration of recommendations and suggestions to be implemented both at coordination team and country office level;

Knowledge and Experience

  • Knowledgeable on hope -based communications and positive narratives. Capacity to write for different audiences;
  • Knowledgeable of the sensitivities around the five rightsholder groups Voice works with;
  • Experienced in reviewing and revising texts for (social) media as well as programme management;
  • Excellent command of English. Proficiency in French is an advantage.

In case you are interested in this consultancy, please let us know by submitting your CV and a cover letter indicating your suitability and the approach you would take to the Voice Programme Manager Marinke.van.Riet@voice.global and the Voice Amplifier Fatuma.Matemu@voice.global, with the email subject: Hope-based Communication, no later than 5:00 PM (GMT +3) on Friday February 14th, 2020.

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