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A tribute to five members lost to COVID-19

By the Confederation of Older Persons Association in the Philippines (COPAP) and Voice

Amid the global health crisis, we are sad to share the unfortunate news that the Confederation of Older Persons Association in the Philippines (COPAP), an Empowerment grantee, lost five of their members to COVID-19. It is common knowledge that the elderly is one of the most at-risk communities of contracting the coronavirus. With the imposed mobility restrictions and a lack of an inclusive response in the country, they face multiple hurdles in accessing basic social and health services.

Today, we remember five members who have dedicated themselves to demand the fulfillment of elderly rights. Beyond remembering, we continue to stand with elderly people around the globe as they push for inclusion and the recognition of their rights and abilities. Together, we demand a proper crisis response that takes into account the specific needs of the elderly.


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