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Voice គឺអញ្ចឹង Outreach : Listening, Questioning & Understanding

In our series on outreach we have the pleasure of sharing the Cambodia experience. 

By Ms. Sambath Rathana, Voice Linking and Learning Officer, Oxfam Cambodia. 

It is an exciting day for Voice and (informal) groups in Kep province.

Today, 20th of October 2017, Voice has moved to Kep to make sure all groups -formal and informal- know about Voice, its Calls for Proposals, eligibility requirements and grant selection process.

Can informal groups also apply? Yes, is the answer

And what does intersectionality mean? It is about people who have double vulnerabilities, for example a young woman from an ethnic minority, who is struggling with her sexual identity.

And does Voice only focus on technological innovations? No, we want innovations that are centred on human beings!

Outreach is crucial for Voice in order to reach the right groups and support them in submitting innovative proposals. And successful proposals lead to great projects, contributing to an exciting learning agenda on inclusion within Voice Cambodia.

The day saw interactive discussions both in group setting and individual feedback sessions, to explore opportunities to work together among local groups.  And the most important element:  it provided a safe space for people to ask questions!

Twenty-three participants  from eighteen organisations were in the room, coming from Kep, Kampot, Koh Kong, Sihanouk Ville and Phnom Penh. Here are some of the testimonies from the participants.

“I feel so excited to be part of this event. Voice is one of the most powerful ways to include all our expression, thoughts and beliefs. I am sure to join Voice “

Ms. Ly Chhay Loem participant from local group CWDCC

“This is my first time to build network and understand more clearly about Voice. After participating, I feel Voice plays very important role as a facilitator for funding for Cambodian NGOs. I love Voice and happy to have clear presentation about Voice requirements”,

Mr. Lim Sopheak from CCDO

“It is the hope for the new initiative and especially for informal/ new organisations”

Yeang Sethsamprathna from Sarus Organisation

admired this creative outreach event, it is fruitful benefits to youth team to share their ability in applying for grants and our youth’s contribution to address the challenges of those five Voice target groups”

Ms. Chap Nika, member of JoY-Cambodia

A nice touch is that Voice Cambodia invited two of their existing grantees to share their experiences with Voice thus far and how they experienced the granting process.  Plus the last week of November Voice in Cambodia will use social media Facebook to conduct a live streaming event. Watch this space and stay tuned for more Voice(s)!


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