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Marvel of the Universe: International Day of the Girl Child 2021

By: Kenyan creatives ( Team Kenya during our Linking and learning Amplification E- meeting held on October 6, 2021)

I am a girl, I am a woman,

I am a scientist, a teacher, a congresswoman,

I have dreams, I am fearless, I am bold.

My voice, our equal future,

I am a marvel of the universe, One of my kind and stature

I assert my voice and presence with immeasurable confidence

I know no bounds and I persist despite any limitations and afflictions

I remain graceful and beat all odds, My voice our equal future


My days beam with aspirations

And my nights are filled with dreams 

Of a future where girls and boys 

Achieve their God-given potential 

My voice is like a sounding trumpet

I speak with confidence and power 

That it is possible for us all , to have an equal future

My voice, our equal future.


It is our day; it is our day!

We have come to conquer this world, a world made for us

From the young to those with their heads bald, we stand for us 

My voice, our equal future


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