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By: Ferzya Farhan, Program Manager,  Center for Policy Innovation and Governance (CIPG)

Center for Innovation Policy and Governance (CIPG), a Voice influencing grantee in Indonesia,  believes that sound evidence is a vital component of any kind of empowerment and advocacy. Taking a Step Towards This Advocacy,  CIPG Conducted a Capacity Building and Assistance in Pushing for  Inclusive Participation.  

The organisation’s approach is through capacity- building in research and policy advocacy with six local civil society organisations (CSOs) in the eastern part of Indonesia. These local CSOs are concerned with three rightsholder groups; the age-discriminated (youth/elderly), women facing exploitation, abuse and violence, and indigenous and ethnic minorities.  

This book is a compilation of the research done on the problems that these three rightsholder groups face. The problem may seem very local, but that does not make it any lesser of a problems perhaps even bigger as these are things happening in other parts of the world.

Do you want to find out more? Why not go ahead and read the book?




Note: Only select sections from the original version in Bahasa Indonesia were included in the English version

Recently finishing their influencing project, CIPG also documented their experience and learning in another publication! This next book is composed of the methodology and approaches they used, key findings from the whole process, and some insightful anecdotes from their project participants and other stakeholders. Another additional reference you might want to look into to keep brewing ideas! You may download this resource here:



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