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Chansomanita Meung

Program Assistant, Voice, Oxfam in Cambodia

Contact: chansomanita.meung@oxfam.org

Chansomanita earned her Undergraduate degree from the Institute of Foreign Languages in Cambodia, majoring in International Studies. She developed her interest in social and community work after she did her volunteering work with various youth-led organisations working on social development ranging from environmental protection and biodiversity conservation to girls’ education empowerment in the community. Prior to joining Oxfam, Nita worked as a project assistant at a foreign NGO, where she learned about sustainable agriculture, partnership and engagement, women empowerment, and international development. She has a profound interest in smart and sustainable practices for the environment and youth empowerment because they are powerful change-makers if given proper rights and places to participate. Nita will bring in her passion to support the programme with the knowledge and experience to ensure compliance.

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