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Boualaphan Phonesavanh

Linking, Learning, and Amplifier Officer, Oxfam Laos

Contact: boualaphan.phonesavanh@oxfam.org

Boualaphan Phonesavanh, graduated as the batch valedictorian from the university in Vietnam with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Management. During his time at the university, he was elected to be the batch President, in charge of representing Lao students, overseeing overall student activities and leading the implementation assigned by the university’s committee. Such experience has armed him with strong interpersonal, problem-solving, and leadership skills. Before joining the Voice Laos team, he spent several months working for an environmental consulting company where he was responsible for collecting and analysing data, coordinating with partners, and writing reports. His work as an environmentalist allowed him to travel and witness societal injustices and inequalities, especially in rural areas. He found out that their lives lacked proper resources and support. This made him want to change his career path and work for an organisation dedicated to improving their quality of life. The stars aligned and he is now part of Voice as a Linking, Learning, and Amplifier Officer. He looks forward to supporting the voices of those who are struggling be heard, and altogether make this world a place where no one is left behind.

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