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About Voice

Voice is an innovative grant facility that supports the most marginalised and discriminated people in Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines and Indonesia. It aims to amplify and connect thus far unheard voices in efforts to leave no one behind.

Voice is grounded in the Sustainable Development Goals where the UN pledges “that no one will be left behind [in the collective journey to end poverty and inequality].”

In addition, the most marginalised will be prioritised: “We will endeavour to reach the furthest behind first.”

Overall goal

By using innovate tools and approaches Voice helps strengthen the influencing capacity of civil society organisations and representatives of the most marginalised and discriminated people. Voice aims at empowering thus far unheard voices to express their view and demand their right to be heard and included.

Pathway of change

Voice provides resources to strengthen the influencing capacity of civil society organisations and representatives of the most discriminated and marginalised people. The programme distinguishes three particular sub-areas:


Support for groups to create a safe space to meet, to create confidence, self-esteem, build awareness and skills.


Building broader civil society support for demands of these groups, including strengthening alliances and networks and media and communication work.


Use new insights and innovative, creative approaches including technology for evidence-based lobby and advocacy and influence policy, behaviour and practice.

Thematic areas

Voice defines the following specific priorities:

  • Improved access to (productive) resources (finance, land and water) and employment
  • Improved access to social services, health and education in particular
  • Space for political participation

Target groups

Voice targets the most marginalised and discriminated groups in ten low- and lower-middle income countries in Africa and Asia. The programme aims to strengthen the influencing capacity of civil society organisations and representatives of these groups to increase their (political) participation in mainstream development processes.

The groups Voice targets are also among those most at risk in their freedom to organise and raise their voice, according to the UN Special Rapporteur on Rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association.


Voice is committed to providing safe spaces filled with integrity and respect for ALL people as well as for financial resources.

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